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Import large databases with Phpmyadmin

Today we have a local installation of a project that has a database of more than 50MG. By default, Phpmyadmin only supports 2MG forcing us to make some changes to the PHP.INI file and so to import the database

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How To Create A Wordpress Database In phpMyAdmin

In this video we learn how to create the database for our project in WORDPRESS

This very well explained and can help us in our first projects with this application and we can get out of some trouble

Wordpress is an application that is being used and is very useful for those who begin their projects online, is easy to install and this video helps us a lot.

I hope you find it useful!

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How to recover the admin password in Wordpress using phpMyAdmin

Normally for password recovery we can tell to WordPress that send it to us as registered mail to the user. It is easier and less cumbersome than the alternative which we will describe below.

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Recovering phpmyadmin username and password

In our daily work as a webmaster we can find that when we are doing local testing of our project we do not remember our password..

One way to retrieve the username and password of phpmyadmin on ubuntu 9.04 is editing the file:

  • /etc/phpmyadmin/config-db.php
  • "$dbuser='usuario';
  • $dbpass='contraseña';
  • $basepath='';
  • $dbname='basededatos';
  • $dbserver='';
  • $dbport='';
  • $dbtype='mysql';

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As our base access and manage MySQL

There are two ways to access and manage our new database. The first can be done from the web administrator from accessing phpMyAdmin Database section of the control panel CPanel.

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