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Tips for improving our details in e-commerce


When working on a project of e-commerce , one of the most sensitive sections is the product detail page. This page acts as the true starting point for us to have a effective purchase. If we can not well made ​​product that we talked abandoned. The problems that can present this page can be as important that can influence the purchase of the product or not.

This section is the most important part of the structure of the information presented to the user in recent times in electronic commerce. Much research was done to improve performance and increase the conversion rate in online shops.

Consider some tips to improve the performance of a virtual store descriptive modifying the product page.

Images on product detail pages

The image is the first product that enhances our visitor and we have to make sure it is the best. Besides the quality is important to offer different viewing angles of the product. The more information you have the product images are more likely to make a sale.

Highlight purchase button increases the conversion in electronic commerce

The purchase button has to be in a prominent position on the product description page and is recommended to be the only thing in the shape of a button. If you have other links on the product description page try to make them look like text links. Studies show that the button links to other links than the purchase confuse users and result in loss of conversion.

Product Videos on the description page

A simple and effective trick to increase the conversion rate is to put a short video on YouTube with no more than two minutes long. This demonstrated that the conversion is increased by 30%, in addition to strengthening the dissemination via YouTube.

Create an optimization routine to product page

The organic search results guarantee the best conversion rates in a virtual store. Therefore, to facilitate indexing in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, it is important to create a basic routine to optimize the product page. The e-commerce SEO is critical to any successful e-commerce.

Provide shipping information page for details

Insert a form or field to calculate the cost of shipping the product detail page. If we have a logistics structure of supply at competitive prices, customers are more willing to purchase immediately at our store.

Introduce all forms of payment on the product detail page of the online store

People hate to start the recruitment process and finally discover that the store does not offer the option of payment by which you want to purchase. To avoid this, it should show on the product detail page for all the payment options we offer.

Encourage the promotion through social networks

The participation of friends through social networks are one of the biggest factors for conversion to a virtual store. So we facilitate interactivity with our store to include Facebook Like and Twitter on the product detail page to indicate that people quickly and automatically.

Offer a choice of response in his line commerce

The chat has a special role in electronic commerce because it immediately to assist the client in case of doubt and thus facilitate the decision making is very important. So it's interesting that our online store have the option to easily access customer service is online when the page of details about the products.


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E Commerce Plays A Big Role In Supporting The Economy Of A Country And Provides A Best Source Of Earning. I Am Running An Online Business, Based On Multi Vendor Shopping Cart And Shopping Cart Software, And I Have Found Your Shared Tips For E Commerce Improvement Are Good.

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Thanks Malik,
What is your software name?