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Modify the URL can hurt SEO on Google


This a very common problem and especially in virtual stores which involves the loss of positions in Google search results. This problem affects any project in internet. Anyway, do not worry much since applying some SEO techniques can be fixed quite easily

What is the origin of the problem?

Suppose we have little time to work on an e-commerce platform and decided to change supplier. At that time the store has several products indexed in Google and many with optimal results. This results in a good amount of traffic and resulting in an improvement in sales.

The problem arises when we realize that changing e-commerce platform addresses pointing to the page are changed, especially product description page that depend on the new structure of the store.

We think that the changes may be small but are important enough for Google and other search engines to stop displaying search results.

This can give the ground with all the SEO work that wines made ​​with the consequent loss of money. This means that making these kinds of changes can bring big headaches

A solution in two stages

First Step - One solution to the problem has two steps. The first is to create redirects URL's, either through code or some other solution that maintains the SEO strategy. One of the most common techniques is the 301 redirect. This technique works but may not be well accepted by the search engines.

Second Stage - At this stage we consider the administration of the files correctly and this is important for the sitemap.xml file. This file tells the search engines what the site URL as well as the frequency of changes to the pages. This not only speeds up file update site URL when it is sent to the search engine, but also facilitates the indexing when visiting the site.

The operation is not complicated, but requires a lot of technique and knowledge. The result is good but once we have completely changed the e-commerce platform or CMS helps us not lose ranking on Google.


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Just out of curiosity, If i apply the first step would it hurt my links that are already live? or should i block them first and then create redirects?

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