OpenEMM 6.0, which was just released at SourceForge

OpenEMM 6.0 has some exciting new features like a content management module using templates, content module types, content modules and a separate content repository, a new import wizard with import profile management, click statistics embedded in the corresponding HTML mails, several user interface improvements, Chinese language support, etc. For the full list of features and bug fixes please have a look at the ChangeLog file.

OpenEMM 6.RC1 is ready for testing and for your feedback (please use the corresponding entry in forum "Bugs, bug fixes & releases"). We do not recommend using this release of OpenEMM in a production environment (however, we do).

OpenEMM 6.RC1 will support the update feature, i.e. you will be able to update from OpenEMM 6.RC1 to 6.RC2 or the final version 6.0 automatically.

For those of you who want to test the content management module: We plan to release a CMS demo database next week so that you have a template, several module types and content modules with images, text and links to toy with.

By the way, the OpenEMM source tarball includes an Ant build script to build the OpenEMM binary tarball from scratch and the README file in the binary tarball provides a quick install guide.


Software para empresas, Openemm


OpenEMM es una aplicación de software para empresas con al que se realizan envios de correo de marketing, boletines y servicios de mails como transacciones por correo y eventos.

OpenEMM ofrece una gestión sofiticada de la comunicación con los clientes, el seguimiento de enlaces, todo tipo de estadisticas en tiempo real, un módulo de Administrador de Contenidos y secuencias de comandos para realizar tareas individuales


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