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Community mental health related

Psicomunidad.com.ar is a project that aims to develop a community focused mental health.

This project was developed based on the Drupal framework using a standard template called Garland.

The digital images and vector are developed with applications GIMP and Inkscape free license respectively.

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Saneamientos Alonso

Small company selling building materials located in Madrid

The images were treated with the application of GIMP version 2.6 free license as well as vector images were developed with lnkscape

In the absence of investment applied basic techniques of SEO

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SMO Service Blog

We are applying SMO (Social Media Optimization) techniques on the GRUPO FUGALIA related services Unblocking and diggers

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SEO Twitter Google

Given the arrangements between companies that are having Google and Twitter is watching benificiar can have a greater presence on Twitter

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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

We began the day performing some optimization to social communities. Tedious work that must gather information, answer queries and track contacts

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