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Search engine friendly web design

When we started our project on the internet and we consider that the SEO factors will affect it to be search engine friendly, we can say that we are well
And so good that we are actually aware of the benefits we can get short-term project with a well-developed

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GIMP 2.8

Making Ubuntu update to version 4.12 I found some headaches as the need to upgrade to version 2.8 GIMP

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New page on facebook

I am creating a new page on facebook related to "diseño de oficinas modernas" phrases with the aim of promoting SEO techniques Proyectos Hogaral.

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Attracting traffic

I was thinking about this and like trying to have a more global view of all that means traffic to our project
I think the internet is an interactive medium that is composed of a large ecosystem of links and if we understand how SEO techniques and search engines interpret the relevance of content, the number of references to this will tell us if these links are relevant or not
This vast network of links are generated in different ways that are complementary according to our traffic acquisition strategy.

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Duplicate titles

Reviewing the information from Google Webmaster Tools see that there are duplicate titles when using friendly URLs so we decided to test the module GLOBAL REDIRECT

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