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Optimize images to improve SEO

Often we ignore the pictures but they can create a lot of traffic to our project

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What is Responsive Web Design?

What is RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN?. Basically I think it is related to the fact that with the evolution of emerging technology different formats in which to display information from the user

According Wikipedia:

Web design adaptive or adaptable is a design technique and web development by using structures and fluid images and half-queries in the CSS style sheet, get tailor the website user environment.

The continued progress of the formats for user not only pass by mobile forces include this concept in what is known as ONE WEB that specifies that all web development must aim to be accessible from all types of device

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Questions related to systems of social media monitoring

For brands with active presence in social media monitoring social networking is one of the main challenges. Screening for other indications and interactions in social networks is a delicate and yet essential to any marketing activity in social media or simply building relationships with consumers.

Companies moving into the social media environment must, sooner or later, invest in technological tools to help them discover what customers, potential customers and competitors are saying and doing in social media.

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Modify the URL can hurt SEO on Google

This a very common problem and especially in virtual stores which involves the loss of positions in Google search results. This problem affects any project in internet. Anyway, do not worry much since applying some SEO techniques can be fixed quite easily

What is the origin of the problem?

Suppose we have little time to work on an e-commerce platform and decided to change supplier. At that time the store has several products indexed in Google and many with optimal results. This results in a good amount of traffic and resulting in an improvement in sales.

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Tips for improving our details in e-commerce

When working on a project of e-commerce , one of the most sensitive sections is the product detail page. This page acts as the true starting point for us to have a effective purchase. If we can not well made ​​product that we talked abandoned. The problems that can present this page can be as important that can influence the purchase of the product or not.

This section is the most important part of the structure of the information presented to the user in recent times in electronic commerce. Much research was done to improve performance and increase the conversion rate in online shops.

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