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Installing Opera on Ubuntu 12.04

Today I will install OPERA 12.02 browser over Ubuntu 12.04 because I have problem when I enter in faceboo.com

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Import large databases with Phpmyadmin

Today we have a local installation of a project that has a database of more than 50MG. By default, Phpmyadmin only supports 2MG forcing us to make some changes to the PHP.INI file and so to import the database

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Border-radius: crear bordes redondeados con CSS

The property border-radius enables web developers to design rounded edges with CSS3 in their designs without using images or use multiple div's.

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Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce platform Magento

Before studying the advantages and disadvantages of this ecommerce platform try to understand what are the main features.

  • Open Source: this platform is open source, this is available to download freely and install it on our computer or our server. According to many experts, is the e-commerce system based on open source, most complete currently has many advanced features to virtual stores, very safe and takes into account everything about search engine rankings (SEO). This facilitates indexing, for example, Google.
  • Server: Magento also works with tools that are open source and therefore do not need to pay any license. These tools are the operating system Linux, PHP programming language and MySQL database.
  • Communities: In Magento environment there are different user communities in different countries that are quite developed and active

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Optimize images to improve SEO

Often we ignore the pictures but they can create a lot of traffic to our project

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